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BJAFC is a community-based Australian rules junior football club that aims to provide players, coaches, volunteers, umpires and families with a fun, safe and inclusive football environment. We want all our members, no matter their circumstance or ability, to gain a love for the game and to thrive as they develop a strong sense of self and connection to the club and community.

VISION – how we envision our club in the future

By 2025 the BJAFC will be a leading community Australian Rules Football club in the Northern Rivers and SEQ. We will cultivate a membership that provides an inclusive environment for children and their families to love and participate in Australian rules football, be that playing, umpiring or volunteering as part of our community.

OUR CULTURE – Our Values enable and embed our Culture

Culture refers to the character of our Club; it is our operating ‘climate’, and collective ‘personality’. BJAFC has been shaped by the core beliefs, principles, traditions and ingrained behaviours of our club members.

By upholding our values, we will maintain our Culture and remain a desirable club for the Northern Rivers area. We will provide an environment where players are taught well and all players and their families are included and supported.

Respect must be at the core of what we do, on and off the ground. We expect our members to understand and demonstrate commitment to the club values in all their interactions, within and outside of the Club – with umpires, club volunteers, coaches, teammates, opposition players and the community.

The BJAFC values define ‘how we do things’ to create an inclusive community environment and are clear about the high standards of civil and collegiate behaviour we expect from our members.

OUR VALUES – what our club stands for

RESPECT – is at the core of our values. We admire the qualities and achievements of others. We seek to acknowledge and respond to the needs of others and we respect the rights of others, on and off the ground. We appreciate and show thanks to those that enable the opportunity we have to be involved in community sport.


We treat all those we encounter fairly, including players, officials and spectators. We teach and value teamwork by prioritising the success of the group over that of the individual. The marks of success are behaviours that align with our values and fit our Culture.


We value fun, health and player safety. We aspire to be a club with a strong sense of belonging and connection, where our members can form genuine friendships.


We value ongoing learning and skill development. We support both players and coaches to have the opportunity to teach others and achieve their goals. Our coaches are committed to developing all players regardless of age or ability.


We uphold the principles of equitable access and inclusion. We value differences in people and aim to improve junior football access for all community members. We champion giving everyone a fair go to be able to participate in community sport.

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